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"Exhaustively researched, surpassingly perceptive."
New York Magazine

"A stunning expose. Gay men should be handed three things when they come out of the closet: a box of condoms, a videocassette of George Cukor's The Women, and a copy of Life Outside."
The Advocate

"Life Outside bravely advances a critique of the attitudes and ideologies that have shaped the gay 'scene' and merits the attention of a broad audience for its courage and informativeness."
New York Times Book Review




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Life Outside Overview

Life Outside uses hundreds of interviews with American men in a groundbreaking study of fundamental issues shaping gay life: sex in the age of AIDS, family relationships, long-term commitment, and aging in an often youth-obsessed culture.

The acclaimed bestseller finds three major trends: the cult of masculinity, the deurbanization of homosexuality, and the death of the lonely old queen.

Signorile draws on illuminating accounts of life on the "circuit" drug-fueled parties dominating the "scene" and largely defining the gay aesthetic to show the pressure to conform to an impossible physical ideal, and how that pressure creates anxiety and insecurity even for those far from the circuit.

He also identifies a positive phenomenon. Life in gay urban centers has long set the pace for life outside. But with more gays coming out and staying in rural, suburban, and small-town America, life outside the urban scene is changing the face of what it is to be gay in America.

Life Outside Contents


Part One: Life Inside
1. The Cult of Masculinity
2. The Origins of the Cult
3. The Evangelical Church of the Circuit
4. Happiness in a Vial

Part Two: Life Outside
5. The Deurbanization of Homosexuality
6. Postmodern Monogamy
7. The Death of the Lonely Old Queen

Appendix I: Six Ways to Deprogram from the Cult
Appendix II: Negotiated Safety

Ordering Life Outside

Life Outside is available for purchase in both hardcover and paperback formats on Amazon. You can also e-mail me to make arrangements for special autographed copies.