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"Magnificent... Interesting and clear... Signorile takes your hand and guides you through the entire self-outing process."
Chastity Bono, The Advocate

"Signorile's book does a service simply by updated the crucial coming-out issue and analyzing, demystifying, and reframing it in a contemporary way appropriate to these complex times."
Torie Osborn, LA Times Book Review





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Outing Yourself Overview

No matter how much you prepare, coming out as gay or lesbian is a difficult, emotional process continuing long after the words are spoken and the secret is out.

There's no magic formula, but Outing Yourself offers structure, guidance, and straightforward advice to all who are struggling with their sexuality and unsure what to do, who accept that they are gay but are still afraid to come out, or who consider themselves out but realize they have farther to go.

Signorile's 14 steps with exercises, meditation notes, and anger checks, as well as accounts of others' coming-out experiences show how to navigate this life-changing, life-renewing process.

A guide to for the coming-out journey, Outing Yourself will convince all who read it that, in Signorile's words, "The stress of coming out will never be as hard on you as the stress of staying in was."

Outing Yourself Contents

Foreword By Betty Berzon, PhD Introduction

1. Identifying Yourself
2. Recognizing Self-Loathing & Creating Self-Respect
3. Learning the Truth About Being Gay
4. Meeting Other Gay People
5. Developing a Family of Friends
6. Telling Your Best Friend
7. Coming Out to Other Friends
8. That First Talk
9. Keeping the Discussion Going
10. Bringing Home Your Gay Friends and Partners
11. Understanding and Assessing the Sexual Nature of the Workplace
12. Letting Coworkers Find Out
13. Helping Others to Come Out
14. Not Thinking About It at All

Ordering Outing Yourself

Outing Yourself is available for purchase through Amazon and A Different Light Bookstore. You can also e-mail me to make arrangements for special autographed copies.