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"The much anticipated Queer in America hits the ground running and sweeps us into a frenzied pace."
San Francisco Chronicle

"A journalistic history of gay activism in the AIDS era, a coming-of-age coming-out memoir, a manual for guerrilla politics in the Age of Information, and even a utopian blueprint for the high-tech liberation of coming generations of lesbians and gay men, Queer in America will open minds as well as closets."
The Washington Post

"I consider Queer in America to be one of the most important books of the 20th Century."
Larry Kramer




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Queer in America Overview

As an journalist examining Washington's, Hollywood's and New York's power structures, Signorile exposes the hypocrisy and prejudice that pervade mainstream American institutions.

He discusses his youth in Brooklyn, the gay-positive corporations of Silicon Valley, the outing controversies of the '80s and '90s, and a scandalous case of same-sex sexual harassment carried out by a powerful legislator within the halls of Congress.

This national bestseller takes the reader on a detailed, evocative, sometimes horrifying tour of the Trinity of the Closet, from the offices of New York's media elite to the inner sanctum of the Pentagon to Hollywood's glitzy studios.

With razor-sharp analysis, Signorile cuts through America's homophobia and looks to the future, offering a hopeful vision for all gay Americans.

Queer in America Contents

2003 Preface
Preface: On Naming Names
Introduction: Closets of Power

Part One: Queer in New York
1. Lights, Camera, Act Up
2. A Queer's Own Story
3. Hype Anxiety
4. Out of the Closets and into the Streets
5. Outing, Part I 

Part Two: Queer in Washington
6. Operation Out-the-Pentagon
7. Inning the Outing
8. Outing, Part II
9. All the Presidents' Queers

Part Three: Queer in Hollywood
10. Crucifixion of Zelda Gilroy
11. From McCarthy to Medved
12. Smashing the Celluloid Closet
13. Outing, Part III
14. Resurrection of Sheila Kuehl

Epilogue: Queer in America
15. The Oregon Nightmare
16. The Silicon Solution
17. A Queer Manifesto
18. Afterword to the Paperback edition (1994)
19. Queer in America 2003, with sub-chapters (2003)

Ordering Queer in America

Queer in America is available for purchase through Amazon. You can also e-mail me to make arrangements for special autographed copies.